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An intensive 10 week virtual programme to empower ML-core startups to build, grow, and scale their venture right at early stages of their growth journey. Startups selected for the programme will get access to resources ranging from mentor master classes (across technology, product, GTM, funding and hiring) and live AMAs conducted by industry leaders, successful startup founders, VCs and AWS experts, peer-to-peer community learning, credits and offers by AWS and other ISVs to potential connects with investors and customers and much more.

Applications Closed

Program Overview


Industry Use Cases


ML Elevate 2021 Cohort

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Program Winners

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Special Mention

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"Kaleidofin was thrilled to participate in the well-organised ML Elevate program. Our teams learned a lot from the mentor masterclasses that spanned myriad topics in data science, technology, product and business. The VC connects were also useful for startups to understand how to approach raising funds. The breadth of sessions was enlightening and thought-provoking."



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